Facilities Roça Belo Monte Hotel

The hotel has several facilities you can use during your stay and we invite you to use them all and when you want during your stay. See the different facilities below and come and enjoy them. All facilities are included in the room rates.

  • Board room
  • Museum
  • Auditorium / Cinema (40 persons)
  • Private lounge
  • Swimming pool

Coming soon: dive center, gym/spa

board room

Board room

You can also book Roça Belo Monte for meeting with your colleagues. In the board room we host about 15 people. Everything you need to make sure it is a successful meeting, is available like: beamer and screen, long table and chairs. If you need a bigger room we can also host you in our auditorium where 40 people can be seated. The view from the board room is magnificent and while you are doing business you can enjoy the greatest views. For more information or reservations please contact belomonte@africas-eden.com.



Príncipe is a fascinating island. It’s cultural heritage and the treasures of its nature are absolutely worth getting to know better – no matter whether you were born here, moved here of are ‘just visiting’. The museum houses in Roça Belo Monte with a focus on nature, biodiversity and culture.

The exhibition tells you about how the island came to be, shows you its special animals, plants and landscapes and teaches about the history of people on Príncipe and their everyday life. Also, the economic and ecological challenges of being a small islands are explained, just like threads and opportunities.



We have an auditorium with 40 seats, ideal for presentations of research projects or for bigger meetings of companies. Beamer and large screen is available and seating with small desk to take notes on. For more information about the rental of the auditorium or reservations please contact belomonte@africas-eden.com.

Every week we have a cinema evening with nice movies in the auditorium. Clients can watch a movie when the weather is not great and get completely relaxed whilst doing so.

private lounge

Private lounge

You can enjoy the colonial look and feel in the private lounge in the manor house. All the original features are kept and you really feel like you are walking in the colonial times. Enjoy the view at the terrace, read a book on one of the nice couches or chairs and recharge yourself whilst doing so.


Swimming pool

You are more then welcome to enjoy our jungle pool. A tranquil relaxed atmosphere with a nice jungle bar and the jungle pool restaurant. Sit in the sun or under the umbrella and enjoy the pool with your loved ones.

coming soon

Dive center/ Spa/ Gym

We are working on a dive center whereby all ‘wet equipment’ will be stalled at the beach and you can take/rent the equipment for your water fun and excitement.


Africa’s Eden offers several attractive tours in Gabon and Príncipe. From just a weekend in Loango or Roça Belo Monte, up to 13 days combination tour Gabon-Príncipe. read more


In Roça Belo Monte we have different room types for all kinds of budgets. Due to the fact that it is an old cacoa plantation there are different rooms with different sizes, types, views etc so we invite you to look at the possibilities below to see what room fits your needs best.

restaurant with window


There are three restaurants on the property: the main restaurant, the jungle pool restaurant and the Banana Beach open air bar and restaurant. We strive not to eat dinner at the same place during your stay so you can experience the property at its best.


Africa’s Eden believes in the sustainable development of the regions where its operate through tourism. Based on the core concept ‘tourism pays for conservations’, our goal is to conserve the pristine nature.