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Príncipe Island, considered by many as one of the last hidden gems, is situated off the coast of West Central Africa and forms part of the twin island state of São Tome & Príncipe. With its small, charming population and heart-warming culture, the island is ready to share its rich history and breathtakingly beautiful surroundings with the discerning traveller. As the closest tropical paradise to Europe, crime free and unaffected by political and religious instability, this safe and unspoilt island is mainly covered by the thickly forested area that forms part of the Obo National Park (with the dramatic peaks and slopes one can expect a true Jurassic Park experience), cascading down to some of the most idyllic beaches in the world.

Banana Beach

Standing guard over five of its own beaches, including the world famous Banana Beach, the impeccably stylish and luxurious Belo Monte Plantation, has become the preferred gateway to this unique island destination.


The exclusive boutique hotel with its authentic service and style, classical architecture and elegant designs is the preferred starting point to numerous excursions and expeditions to explore this unique and sensitive eco-system.

The friendly and professional service, true heart-warming hospitality and a practical yet passionate conservation approach will ensure an unforgettable and life enriching experience in one of the most unique places in the world.

Your journey starts at Belo Monte Plantation Hotel.

Address RBM

Address Príncipe
Região Autónoma do Príncipe
São Tomé e Príncipe
Tel nr: + 239 225 1152




The hotel has several facilities you can use during your stay and we invite you to use them all and when you want during your stay. See the different facilities below and come and enjoy them. All facilities are included in the room rates.


In Roça Belo Monte we have different room types for all kinds of budgets. Due to the fact that it is an old cacoa plantation there are different rooms with different sizes, types, views etc so we invite you to look at the possibilities below to see what room fits your needs best.

restaurant with window


There are three restaurants on the property: the main restaurant, the jungle pool restaurant and the Banana Beach open air bar and restaurant. We strive not to eat dinner at the same place during your stay so you can experience the property at its best.


Africa’s Eden believes in the sustainable development of the regions where its operate through tourism. Based on the core concept ‘tourism pays for conservations’, our goal is to conserve the pristine nature. Profits generated by Africa’s Eden are reinvested in the area to ensure the continuity and economically sustainable protection of the national parks.