Press Trips

If you are an editor / journalist / filmmaker who is interested in writing a story / making a tv series, documentary or film on one of the items below, please fill out the press request form and send it to our Marketing Department.

Some ideas for a good story…

Story Ideas Details
A tour on the islands of São Tomé and/or Príncipe Africa’s Undiscovered Paradise Tour
Sustainable tourism development on Príncipe Jewels of Príncipe
A visit to the Dzanga-Sangha Reserve, Central African Republic Central Africa’s Best Kept Secret Tour
A combination tour to all our destinations Featured Tours
Whale-watching in Príncipe from mid-July – mid-Sept
Gorilla tracking in Dzanga-Sangha Reserve Central Africa’s Best Kept Secret Tour
Endemic fauna and flora research on São Tomé and Príncipe Gulf of Guinea Expeditions
Sustainable Development Plan on Príncipe Príncipe Development Plan