There are three restaurants on the property: the main restaurant, the jungle pool restaurant and the Banana Beach open air bar and restaurant.  We strive not to eat dinner at the same place during your stay so you can experience the property at its best.

The main restaurant

This restaurant is situated in the main building and has a nice terrace with a few over the forest and the ocean. Breakfast is served at the main restaurant where you can wake up with the beautiful view and be swept away by a choir of birdsong. The main restaurant is tranquil and has a good feel of the colonial style of the Roça.

The jungle pool restaurant

We invite you to relax at our jungle pool and have a bite to eat at the jungle pool restaurant. The atmosphere is nice and you are surrounded by the forest and a nice pool deck under the trees to have your lunch. The bar is also always open for a nice drink at the pool.

The Banana Beach open air bar and restaurant

Enjoy the lovely view of the ocean whilst you are having lunch between the palm trees. Feel the sand between your toes and enjoy the fresh fish that just came out of the ocean. Go for a swim after and join us for a sundowner with drinks at the bar. Or come down to the beach for dinner between the palm trees with the romantic lights to get a different atmosphere.



The hotel has several facilities you can use during your stay and we invite you to use them all and when you want during your stay. See the different facilities below and come and enjoy them. All facilities are included in the room rates.


In Roça Belo Monte we have different room types for all kinds of budgets. Due to the fact that it is an old cacoa plantation there are different rooms with different sizes, types, views etc so we invite you to look at the possibilities below to see what room fits your needs best.


Africa’s Eden offers several attractive tours in Gabon and Príncipe. From just a weekend in Loango or Roça Belo Monte, up to 13 days combination tour Gabon-Príncipe. read more


Africa’s Eden believes in the sustainable development of the regions where its operate through tourism. Based on the core concept ‘tourism pays for conservations’, our goal is to conserve the pristine nature.