Accommodation: Tassi Savannah Camp

Tassi, in Loango National Park, is one of the last few places on earth where large mammals can still roam freely on the beach. Maybe that explains why it’s only in Gabon that hippos have been seen swimming in the surf. Here, during the rainy season, buffalos and forest elephants can often be found grazing on the coastal grasslands and the beach. Occasionally, families of gorillas can also be spotted foraging in the trees alongside the beach. Many of the Gabonese beaches provide a significant habitat for migrant shorebirds, including African skimmers and Damara terns, whose numbers are quickly diminishing across the rest of Africa.



Tassi Savannah Camp is located on the savannah, surrounded by primary and secondary forest. The wide-open vistas here will give you a much more classical ‘Africa feel’, not easily found elsewhere in densely forested Central Africa.


Things to see and do

The attractive patchwork of savannah, forest, swamp, and small coastal lagoons in proximity to an endless stretch of beach is perfect for turning adventurous. Discover the camp’s various surroundings on one of our guided walks, cycle on the beach or kayak on Louri Lagoon.

Tassi surrounding

When to go

Tassi Savannah Camp is open during the rainy season from October until April.


Have you ever dreamed of a place completely lost in time where you can see with vivid clarity how it all once was? A place of abundant wildlife, where dense jungle, savannahs, wetlands and lagoons all meet the sparkling ocean? Well it’s not just a dream – this place really exists!