Gabon welcomes first ever female president

Gabon welcomes first ever female president

As decreed by the country’s constitution, Gabon’s first ever female president, senate speaker Rose Rogombe, has been sworn in as interim president


Gabon looks to the future

Following the death of Gabon’s president, the constitution stipulates the appointment of the senate speaker to the role of president within a timeframe of 45 days within which the deceased president is mourned and elections to determine the next president are organised. This latest development has eliminated fears of a power vacuum that could exist if the presidency was left vacant for too long.

The news of Mrs. Rogombe’s appointment was received well with the Gabonese people and the international community.

“I swear to devote all my strength to the good of the Gabonese people”

Rogombe who is 66, will have most of the presidential powers of an elected or appointed president except for the authority to call for the parliament’s dissolution or to organize referendums. She will also be ineligible to run for the forthcoming presidential elections scheduled within the next 45 days.

Focus within the country is now shifting towards the funeral proceedings of the late president. National and international tributes will be paid until June 18.

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