August 19, 2009

Eco-tourism activities suspended in Loango National Park, Gabon

Africa’s Eden is forced to suspend its operations in Loango Lodge for international tourists until at least September 20th, 2009 following dispute between Gabonese government and regional aviation company SCD Aviation Word version press release – English Version Word communiqué de presse – Français Gabon, August 2009 – In 2002, late President Omar Bongo Ondimba put Gabon firmly on the map as an important future eco-tourism destination by nominating more than 11% of the nation’s territory as National Park to […]
August 13, 2009

Gabonese opposition candidates want presidential vote delayed

Opposition candidates in Gabon’s presidential ballot have banded together to push for a postponement of the vote due to problems with electoral lists, officials said Wednesday. The Opposition Speaks out Jules Aristide Bourdes Ougouliguende and 10 other candidates plan to ask the Gabonese courts to postpone the vote, Bourdes’ comments followed a meeting between the candidates along with officials from the government and the presidency. These 11 candidates are considered the heavyweight opposition candidates in the election which follows the death […]
August 7, 2009

Gabonese Orphan Gorillas set free on an Island

Six young gorillas, rescued from the illegal bush meat trade, have begun new independent lives on a lagoon island just outside Loango National Park in Gabon.   First Ever footage First steps into the wild Staff at the Société de Conservation et Développement (SCD) are celebrating after announcing the successful transfer of the six juvenile western lowland gorillas (a species deemed critically endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List (IUCN)) onto the safe island in the […]
August 3, 2009

Opposition parties in Gabon elections converge around one candidate

Five Gabonese opposition parties have nominated Pierre Mamboundou to run for president in this month’s elections to succeed the late Omar Bongo Ondimba.   The opposition’s choice Mamboundou, leader of the Union of Gabonese People, came second to Bongo in elections in 2005. Bongo’s son, Defense Minister Ali Bongo Ondimba, is running as the candidate of the ruling Gabonese Democratic Party. “You have asked for a single candidate for the opposition…I offer you hope, I offer you a new way […]