Gabon and the Geotourism challenge

Gabon and the Geotourism challenge

The Geotourism Challenge is one of the key programs of National Geographic’s Center for Sustainable Destinations (CSD).

Making a difference

The National Geographic Society and Ashoka’s changemakers were the brainchild behind last year’s Geotourism competition that saw the shortlisting of Gabon’s Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), in partnership with Africa’s Eden, on a list of 15 finalists.

The Geotourism challenge competition culminated in a victory for:

  • a programme in the Ecuador Amazon region to provide the youth with an academic degree in nature tourism;
  • an outfitter in Nepal that trains women to be trekking professionals in a culture that offers almost no job opportunities to women;
  • and an eco-lodge in Costa Rica that teaches native Cabecar Indians how to manage business in one of the country’s celebrated rain forests.

“The goal of the Geotourism Challenge is to identify and showcase innovators, individuals and organizations that support the approach known as geotourism: tourism that sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place; its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and the well-being of its residents.”

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