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Africa’s Eden has over 10 years of experience in west Africa in tourism, nature conservation & research. The vision and mission of Africa’s Eden is to develop low-impact tourism through the concept of ‘Tourism pays for Conservation’. Thus, by travelling to west Africa with Africa’s Eden, you contribute to sustainable developments in the region.

Sustainable tourism development Príncipe

Africa’s Eden, the government of São Tomé and Príncipe and other partners have entered a strategic partnership, aiming to further develop sustainable tourism on Africa’s second-smallest country. Click here to get more information on the Príncipe Development Plan. To visit this undiscovered paradise and enjoy nature at the plantation hotel; Roça Belo Monte, please click here.


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Roça Belo Monte Hotel

Unique resort on the tropical island of Príncipe. Belo Monte Plantation Hotel is offering luxurious accommodation in staggeringly beautiful natural surroundings. While the hotel is a wonderful place to relax and recharge your spirit, it also offers a variety of guided tours to explore and discover the island.




Beautiful beaches and a hypnotic, clear blue ocean surround Roça Belo Monte. Relax and enjoy the true Belo Monte service on our world renowned Praia Banana or discover its impressive house reef just by snorkelling at the water surface between the rocks and boulders.

Unique nature


Thick primary rain forest covers the basaltic peaks and slopes of the island, cascading down to some of the most idyllic beaches in the world, providing a Jurassic Park experience. Book one of Belo Monte’s guided tours and spent incredible moments exploring the island.

Cultural History


The friendly Príncipe island population has a unique culture with Cap Verdian, Angolan and Portuguese influences. It possesses its own language and folklore. The famous San Lorenzo festivities that take place in August are only celebrated on this island. Fishing and agriculture still take place mostly in an artisanal way.




Príncipe emerged about 31 million years ago. In fact it is more than twice as old as São Tomé and 6 times as old as the Galapagos Islands. As the island has never been attached to the main land a high number of endemic plant and animal species inhabit the island – species that are found only in Príncipe! With revenues from tourism Roça Belo Monte supports the conservation research projects of the conservation alliance Forever Príncipe! Forever-príncipe!